About Me

Sherley-Ann Belleus

"The meaning of life is to live life meaningfully"

I’ve always had a strong sense of curiosity towards life. Yes. I am that girl in class that always has a question and who just can’t get it (I know it and I claim it honey). It wasn’t until I had to start applying to colleges that I really had to come to terms with the whole “what are you going to do when you grow up question.” Turns out that question isn’t as simple as it sounds. You’ve got to do a lot of research! AND ask a lot of questions! “Why do I want to do that when you grow up? Who’s it going to help? Who cares? (and the dreaded question of all time) How am I going to make money?” Thus, began the quest to find answers. Luckily much of the advice out there has led me around a “glorious” (insert sarcasm) circle back to what I’ve always wanted to do and call it quits on trying to live a “normal” life and pursue my dream.  

Brain Food


Aspen Music Festival

Ithaca College

University of Southern California


Music Education BM

Vocal Arts MM

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